! Galeria

Ó! Galeria is an illustration shop that doesn't go unnoticed, attracting both locals and foreigners to its cool colourful walls. 



Located at the intersection of Cedofeita and Miguel Bombarda Street, Ó! Galeria opened in Porto in 2009, and soon specialized in illustration. 

Among the art of Maria Herreros, Paula Bonet, Alexandra Arango and Yara Kono, at Ó! one can find the work of promising young illustrators, such as Mariana a Miserável, Júlio Dolbeth, Tina Siuda, Ana Seixas, Carolina Celas and David Penela. 

Ema Ribeiro is the proud founder and curator of the gallery, and also a well-known face in Portugal art scene. In 2015, she decided it was time to expand the business, and opened a second gallery in Mouraria, a beautiful historic neighbourhood in Lisbon.

Her aim to prove that illustration isn't a minor art has played a key role in both cities creative growth, bringing together an enthusiastic community of artists and buyers from all around the world.